Music can be an important part of any ceremony, especially weddings. It helps to create a mood or atmosphere and sets the stage for what is to come. It also tells the audience something about you, since music often represents our personal tastes. Music also tends to evoke and deepen emotion, which helps make the ceremony more moving and inspiring.

For me, music informs almost everything that I do. I studied instruments when I was a child and loved to sing and dance. I began studying voice formally at the age of 17. I have performed as a soloist and choir member for years. I have sung in such varied places as Hindu temples and at home plate, just before a San Francisco Giants game. And as an MFT I have used music for healing.

I am a classically trained singer, but have also studied jazz. During wedding ceremonies I have performed “In My Life,” “The Wedding Song,” “Ave Maria,” and other songs. I can sing in a variety of styles with or without accompaniment.
I can also be a music consultant and am happy to provide suggestions for music that will integrate well with your ceremony, whether I perform it or not. I can also make suggestions for local musicians, if you would like live music.

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